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Dress Code

Dress Code



Walton County Board of Education Policy JCDB states students are to dress in a manner that is reasonable and not distracting to the students and teachers. Any dress of an extreme nature will not be tolerated.

Administrators will make final decisions regarding student dress in his or her school if anything is disruptive to the school environment.

The following guidelines are the regulations that support WCPS Policy JCDB:

1.      Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times.

2.      The “3X5” Rule (using a 3x5 index card)

  1. All dress and skirt lengths will be no shorter than 3” above the knee.

  2. All pants, shorts, and gym shorts lengths will be no shorter than 5” above the knee.

3.      Rules for Clothing

  1. Skirts, pants, and shorts must be worn above the hip bone, fitting at the inseam and at the waistline.

  2. No visible skin 5’ above the knee.  Any holes, slits, rips, or tears 5” above the knee must be covered.. (Admin Discretion)

  3. No cleavage shall be visible.

  4. Clothing should not be extremely tight or form fitting as to cause a distraction.

  5.  No pajamas shall be worn; this includes bedroom slippers.

  6. Sheer or “see through” clothing shall be worn with a tank top or shirt that covers midriff and cleavage areas. No undergarments can be exposed.

  7. No part of midriff shall be visible.

  8. Tights, leggings, jeggings, joggers, or yoga pants may be worn covered by an appropriate length shirt that covers the front and back side.

  9.  No tank tops or sleeveless shirts (No exposed shoulders- Ex. Cold-shoulder shirts or off-the shoulder shirts)

  10. All coats and jackets are not to exceed the length of the knee.

  11. No shoes with wheels

  12. No swim shorts or swimming attire 

4.      No head coverings; this includes ball caps, hats, sunglasses, bandanas, or hoodies. No ball caps worn attached to the pants.

5.      Heavy metal jewelry, wallet chains, fanny packs, miniature backpacks or other similar items are not permitted.

6.      Purses/lunch boxes must be no larger than 8.5 inches by 11 inches. 

7.      No item of clothing, jewelry, headgear, medical/fabric face mask, or other visible personal items shall contain the following:

  1. Suggestive language, graphics, symbols or slogans

  2. Profane language, graphics, symbols or slogans

  3. Any reference (language, graphics, symbols or slogans) to drugs, alcohol, tobacco, gangs, or any illegal behaviors.

  4. Any reference (language, graphics, symbols or slogans) that are demeaning or discriminating to others (ex. Confederate Flags, Malcom X, etc)

  5. Any language, graphics, symbols or slogans that are not in keeping with the values of the community.

8.      Any “dress” (clothing, hair color, jewelry, accessories, piercings, etc) determined by the dress code designee or an administrator to be of an extreme nature is prohibited and is a violation of dress code.

9.      All students taking Physical Education classes will abide by the dress code as outlined above.

Consequences for dress code violations:

First Offense: Students will be required to call home for a change of clothing or provided appropriate clothing. Student will wait in ISS until a change of clothing arrives.

Repeat Offenses: Student will be referred to an administrator for further action.                                    

The principal has the right to modify or revoke the terms and conditions of the Youth Middle Dress Code Policy at any time.  Changes to this policy will be communicated through daily school announcements and will be posted on the Youth Middle School website.