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Chromebook Information

Middle School Chromebook Usage Information

All downloads to the Chromebook, including any photos, videos, or apps, must abide by the Walton County School District Acceptable Use Policy outlined in the Student Code of Conduct. Chromebooks are intended for educational use only.

Walton County School District utilizes Chromebook devices for education success and is currently implementing a $10 per year student Chromebook usage and protection plan for the 2023-2024 school year. Purchasing this plan secures a discounted repair rate for Chromebook damages and allows the student to take home the Chromebook. Students are not permitted to connect or use personal laptops, or other electronic devices, at school.

If students are diligent about following school procedures damages are unlikely to occur. 

Common Causes for Broken Chromebooks:

  1. Carrying Chromebooks with lid open. Chromebooks power up quickly, so it is safer to shut the lid when transporting.

  2. Carrying Chromebooks by the screen - too much pressure by your fingers causes damage to the LCD in the screen.

  3. Not gently removing headphones or earbuds - headphone jacks can easily break off in the Chromebook.

  4. Closing the lid with pencils, earbuds and cords, pens, etc. laying on the keyboard

  5. Leaving the Chromebook on the floor or sitting in a chair. Chromebooks can get stepped on and/or sat on and crushed.

  6. Having food or drinks near the Chromebook. Liquids and food get inside the keyboard causing the keyboard to have to be replaced.

  7. Keyboards rarely sustain damages unless they are picked at by students. Removing the frame around the keyboard and/or keys will result in a repair fee. 

Please see the Chromebook repair fee schedule below: 

Repair Needed

Reduced Cost if Plan Purchased

Full Cost if Plan NOT Purchased

Lost or broken charger






Broken LCD screen



Keyboard replacement



Charge port replacement 
(Dual Port Models Only)





Battery replacement



Body replacement



Loss, stolen or willful damage to Chromebook




For any repair needed that is not listed, the student will be provided the cost after evaluation. 

Loss of functionality will dictate a repair or replacement at the discretion of WCSD personnel. 

Students graduating or withdrawing from WCSD schools are responsible for any Chromebook repairs or replacement fees.