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Eligibility and Forms

Eligibility to play a sport is determined by the semester before that sport takes place. Students must pass 4 out of 5 subjects with connections being averaged together.  For example, football, cheer, softball and volleyball eligibility is determined by a student's 3rd and 4th nine weeks grades the previous semester.  The 3rd and 4th are averaged together and that average must be above a 70%.

Fall/Winter Sports:

Football, Softball, Cheer, Volleyball and the first half of Basketball - determined by the 3rd and 4th nine weeks of the previous school year.

Winter/Spring Sports:

Track, Baseball, Golf, Soccer and the second half of Basketball - determined by the 1st and 2nd nine weeks of the current school year.


Youth Middle uses PRIVIT to input all athletic required documents.  

Click here for Privit instructions.

Click here for the Preparticipation Physical Evaluation Form