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Golf Club

Welcome to the YMS Golf Club 2024!

Important Information:

  • Practice on Tuesdays at Cedar Lake from around 3-4ish and athletes must have a ride over there.

  • Practice on Thursdays is at YMS from 3-4. Rides will pick up near tennis courts. 

  • Dues are $160 

  • Dues can be paid to the booster, but must be paid by March 8th.

  • The YMS golf store can be found here.

  • Athletes must purchase one green polo and one white polo. All other store items are optional, but encouraged for spirit wear.

Important Dates:

  • March 27th will be a match day played against LMS at Cedar Lake 

  • April 11th will be a match day played against Social Circle at Hard Labor Creek 

  • First day of practice will be February 27th at Cedar Lake

  • Last day of practice will be April 9th at Cedar Lake

  • The store for spirit wear closes on March 8th. Please order your polos ASAP!

End of the year:

We want your athletes to feel successful and celebrated, so we will start looking at an end of the season banquet in March. 

Parent involvement opportunities:

We would love to have parents involved with the team and we need multiple parents to be willing to do the following:

  • Be willing to be head of the booster and handle the money. (1-2) 

  • Be willing to help get athletes to Cedar Lake if something comes up for a parent. (2 so they can rotate)

  • Help organize a banquet or be willing to step in and help when needed. (2-3)

  • Be available if anything comes up (1)

  • Provide a snack and drink days of match (2-3)

Athletes and Parents, please join the Stack Team.
(This will be our main source of communication). 

If this link does not work, download stack team and search YMS Golf Club!

If you need to reach me quickly, please feel free to text me anytime at 678-848-8001!

Eliana Swope


Anna Dell