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Jr BETA Club

The YMS Beta Club is a proud service club. The club has high standards for our members and wants to provide members with opportunities that will guide them to be our leaders of tomorrow.      

Students in Beta Club are 7th & 8th grade members who have gone through the induction ceremony. Sixth grade members will be invited to join and be inducted during their 2nd semester before 7th grade. 

Sixth graders who earned straight A's in their first semester (All A's 1st and All a's 2nd quarter) will be invited to join. 

Seventh grade students who are not already members and earn straight A's first semester (All A's 1st and All a's 2nd quarter) will also be invited to join. 

The following is a list of requirements that a student must adhere to in order to remain a member of the YMS Beta Club:

1. The student must maintain straight A's (this includes Connections classes).

2. Beta Club members are expected to exhibit exemplary behavior in the classroom as well as all school-related events.

3. Students are required to participate in THREE service projects during the school year- two required and one of your choice.

4.  Meetings will be announced on the morning news show, intercom announcements, and social media. 

Lisa Dastous