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Academic Bowl

YMS Academic Bowl



Do you enjoy games like Jeopardy or find that your brain is filled with lots of trivia? The YMS Academic Bowl is a quiz bowl competition for students in sixth through eighth grades. Our YMS team will participate in competitions against other middle school teams from schools around northeast Georgia. The topics for competition questions include geography, history, biology, chemistry, physics, literature, grammar, mathematics, music, art, and sports--just about any topic you could think of. 

We meet for team practice using electronic buzzers each Wednesday after school in room 1210 from 2:20-3:30. At these meetings students participate in friendly practice competitions using questions from previous competitions. Everyone who wants to participate will be added to a Schoology group which will provide information about meetings and upcoming competitions. Practice materials are also available in our Schoology group to help students better prepare for some of the topics.

Karen Byrd


Jeffrey Morgan