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Computer Science

YMS Computer Science

Welcome to the intriguing world of technology and computer science! In this engaging middle school course, we incorporate practical applications of cutting-edge technology while adhering to the thorough requirements established by the Georgia Board of Education to expose students to the fascinating field of computer science.

Overview of the course: Students will be immersed in interactive projects that use cutting-edge technology to give them a thorough understanding of computer science fundamentals. Students will learn computational thinking, programming, and digital citizenship while interacting with Kano computers, 3D printers, Tello drones, robotics, CAD design, and AR game design utilizing zSpace computers, all according to the Georgia Board of Education standards.

Key Learning Objectives: 

1. Mastering Computing Systems:

Students will learn about the hardware and software aspects of computing systems as they gain insight into the parts of a computer system. They will engage in practical exercises using Kano computers, allowing them to assemble and discover how computers operate from the inside out.

2. Programming Adventures:

Students will engage in engaging interactive sessions where they will experience thrilling programming adventures while learning to code and developing their programs to control VEX robots and Tello drones. They will also use their coding expertise, which will allow them to use their imagination in creative problem-solving situations.

3. Adopting Computational Thinking:

 Students will learn computational thinking techniques like decomposition, pattern detection, abstraction, and algorithm design by working on real-world projects. Programming for drones, robotics challenges, and the creation of augmented reality games will all incorporate these talents.

4. Designing in 3D:

Students will delve into the world of CAD and 3D printing to learn about the wonder of turning digital designs into actual items. They will have the chance to design and print their own 3D models, allowing them to see directly how creativity and technology can coexist.

5. Cybersecurity and Digital Citizenship:

Students will learn about the significance of cybersecurity and responsible digital citizenship as they explore the potential of technology. They will be aware of how to maintain their privacy and data security when using various technologies.

6. Augmented Reality Game Design: 

Students will explore the field of augmented reality (AR) game design using zSpace computers. They will design, create, and test their own augmented reality games, enjoying the thrill of fusing digital and physical aspects.

7. Collaborative technological projects: 

Students will work in groups to complete challenging projects that incorporate robotics, CAD design, 3D printing, Tello drones, AR game design, and Kano computers. These practical encounters will promote teamwork, critical thinking, and invention.

Assessment and Grading: 

In a gamified classroom, students will be evaluated on their ability to apply technical principles to real-world circumstances as well as their active involvement, project completion, and performance on quizzes and exams. While preparing students for further investigation in high school and beyond, the course seeks to ignite a passion for computer science and technology.

Join us on this exciting adventure where innovation meets technology and the sky is the limit. Let's unleash the potential of Kano computers, 3D printing, drones, robots, CAD design, and augmented reality game design so that we can take control of the future of technology.